Fundraising Campaigns

There is likely no other activity on the planet today that is more misunderstood than fundraising. Fundraising is simply a process of accessing philanthropy in a manner that makes sense to the prospective donor. It saddens us to hear and see so many fundraising staff and consultants are using sales models as the foundation of their work. Fundraising may look like sales but it is very different in so many key ways.

While we have helped clients with their annual giving and planned giving programs, our specialty is leading clients successfully in achieving their campaign goals. Campaigns are large bundles of urgent needs that, when funded, are going to be game changers for the agency involved. We have executed Campaigns with targets as small as $2,000,000 and as large as $630,000,000. Our clients’ successes have included the largest philanthropic transfer in Canadian history, between Mr. Ken Thomson (deceased) and the Art Gallery of Ontario (more than $430 million in art and cash), the largest gift to a private school in Canada (more than $13,000,000 between the family of Michael DeGroote, Sr. and Hillfield Strathallan College in Hamilton, and the largest gift in the history of Ottawa, more than $13,000,000 from Barbara Crook and Dan Greenberg and family to the Irving Greenberg Family Cancer Centre on the campus of the Queensway Carleton Hospital in west end Ottawa.

When we began this Campaign more than 5 years ago, you told me and the Campaign Steering Committee that there was going to be one family who were going to donate up to $20,000,000 to our Campaign. No one, including me, believed it. You never gave up on that goal and here we are fully under construction with more money raised than any other private school in Canadian history – and your prediction came true and anchored the success of this Campaign. What horsepower you have added to this Campaign and we are truly thankful for everything you have done and continue
to do for HSC
— Dr. Ron Foxcroft, Campaign Chair, Hillfield Strathallan College

We are uniquely talented in helping clients shape their transformational vision, the first of eight Pre-Conditions for Success ©. We guide clients through the Pre-Conditions. We have also developed the incredibly efficient Wrap Around Model © of campaign organization which raises funds faster while dramatically reducing the time required of staff and volunteers and increases dollars raised.