The Navigator© Strategic Planning Process

Nothing is more important to any organization than staying clearly focused on the core elements of your business and knowing exactly where you want to go. You must “stay home” on your Mission and work continuously to achieve your Vision. These are critical statements to your success. And, given the speed and magnitude of change you will need to refresh your plan on a regular basis.

Our process is adaptable to all kinds of business configurations and sizes. We have helped Start-ups, Small business, Medium size enterprise, National corporations, municipalities, and charities and not for profits.

Having you facilitate our Strategic Planning Retreat just might be the best money I have ever spent. Our diverse Board and Senior Management Team now have a clear plan to advance the business to the point where our Board members are more engaged than ever before. We worked through a number of complex and difficult issues and arrived at a point of consensus. It was a very, very good day.
— Paul Sheremeto, CEO, Pattern Discovery Technologies Inc.
Navigator Strategic Plan

For the majority of our clients, we are able to do this in two days of billable time. No wonder we don’t have a sales plan for this product, referrals takes care of all of that.

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